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What's The Role of a Support Worker

Support Workers are people who provide support to people who require extra help with a range of different types of activities. Support Workers at LD Network provide support to people with learning disabilities and help them to live as full and independent a life as possible.

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What is the job description of a Support Worker?

The job description for a Support Worker will vary depending on the company that they work for, and the needs of the person being supported. There is a number of key skills and qualities required to be a competent Support Worker, including being passionate about helping people and to be empathetic towards others.

While the requirements vary from role to role, typically the role of a Support Worker would involve helping the person who is being supported with certain tasks that they cannot do independently. This could include activities such as help with financial management, assistance with getting dressed or going shopping at the supermarket.

The exact responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the person being supported, so once their needs have been assessed, the Support Worker would support tasks that have been outlined in their individual care plan.

What is a Support Worker?

A Support Worker provides a valuable service to support people with any areas that they may struggle with. For example, a Learning Disability Support Worker would help with specific tasks that the person being supported would find challenging due to their learning disability.

The exact work involved as a Learning Disability Support Worker will be planned around the needs of the person being supported. For example, someone might require support with organising their bills or buying shopping.

What does a Support Worker do?

a woman with mental health problems is doing assisted exercises with support worker

A support worker provides support as detailed in care plans designed for the personal needs of the person being supported. The Support Worker will help the person being supported to live as independently as possible and encourage them to be involved in their communities. This could be by going out into general social environments, or it could be through community resources that are available in the local area.

Other tasks included in the role of a Support Worker could include helping the person being supported with household chores or doing hobbies together, such as baking, art or music. When a person being supported is assessed, the care plan will be developed based around hobbies they have or exploring new interests that bring them enjoyment.

A Support Worker should be flexible to the needs and requirements of the person being supported, as every person with a learning disability will have a different set of needs in terms of what support they require. Some may need some support physically, while others require support to go to places and with playing an active part within the local community. The needs of each person will be different, so the role of a Support Worker must be flexible.

Role and responsibilities of a Support Worker

A Support Worker for people with a learning disability is required to provide support in the areas of life that are required by the person being supported. If they require assistance with cooking and shopping, this would be a responsibility, or if the person being supported wants to enjoy hobbies and go on day-trips, this would also be listed under the responsibilities of a Support Worker. Basically, the role varies to suit the needs and goals of the person being supported, so it can involve many different types of tasks.

Why become a Support Worker for LD Network?

The main reason that people want to become a Support Worker is because they are passionate about making a difference. Becoming a Support Worker for LD Network gives you the opportunity to support people with learning disabilities to live the life that makes them happiest.

Being able to change a person’s life by providing support and encouragement is hugely rewarding. When you know that you are responsible for improving someone’s quality of life and put a smile on their face, there are very few jobs that offer more rewarding experiences than this.

LD Network provides all of the support that you will need to be a competent Support Worker, from excellent training and development opportunities to one-to-one support from managers. If you are looking to start a career as a Support Worker, or to move to a new company, LD Network provides excellent opportunities for career progression.

What is the best part of being a Support Worker for LD Network?

What you enjoy the most about being a Support Worker for LD Network will depend on what aspect of the job you find most rewarding. Many of our Support Workers value the way that their job gives them a lot of variety and new experiences. One day you might be visiting a theme park, the next you could be helping someone to learn how to cook their own meal.

When you are a Support Worker for LD Network, you are working for a company that will give you the training and support that you need to be the best Support Worker you can be. Our main objective is to provide people being supported with the opportunities to thrive and live their life to the full. We do this by giving them the necessary support and encouragement to become more independent, so this is a crucial part of the job as a Support Worker for LD Network.

If your ideal job allows you to help people to overcome challenges and you have the required patience and passion to do this, a career at LD Network as a Support Worker could be the perfect job for you.