We are always available for healthcare providers. We can meet your staff shortages 24/7

We are always available for healthcare providers. We can meet your staff shortages 24/7

About Us

LD Network provides reliable clinicians that can support your team in
providing consistent care.

Our Journey

LD Network began its journey in 2016, offering high-quality care provision and staffing solutions to organisations in need of expert clinicians.

By continually focusing on providing staff that providers can rely on, LD Network managed to build authority in the complex care landscape.

Today LD Network is a trusted partner for healthcare providers that need specialised staff who can provide care and support for people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health challenges, and other complex care needs.

  • LD Network is founded
  • Developed the Transitional
    Support Programme (TSP)
  • New office in Exeter opened
  • First partnership formed
  • Established a partnership with Mencap
  • Expanded Internal LD Network team
  • Upsized to ETS House
  • Highest week of impact marked
  • Attended the first clinician awards ceremony 
  • Expanded to 14 Devon and Cornwall sites under the Mencap partnership 
  • Introduced a new internal program,
    “Well-being checks”, for clinicians across the service
  • Expanded internal LD Network team 
  • Created career pathway opportunities for clinicians 
  • To establish 4 more trusted partnerships
  • To establish 10 more trusted partnerships

Our Culture 

Our culture is people-centric at the core. It prioritises the welfare of our clinicians and implements regular well-being programs. Through promoting mental health awareness, our teams continue to deliver care with positive outcomes. 

The values of Family, Impact, and Teaming enhance our culture.


We care for our clinician’s well-being, encourage them to follow their aspirations, and invest in their personal and professional growth.


We are intentional with our words and actions, aiming to leave a positive and lasting impact. Our commitment is to provide exceptional care during
challenging situations.


We create and maintain a supportive environment based on trust, collaboration, and genuine care with a unified focus on teamwork.

Our Proactive Staffing Solution 

LD Network provides proactive staffing solutions in various care settings, including supported living, hospitals, and residential homes within the private and public care sector.

Our team always goes the extra mile to fulfil urgent shift coverage and ensure your needs as a healthcare provider are met. Whether the agreement is long-term or short-term, you will be able to continue to deliver consistency of care and focus on what you do best providing compassionate and effective care 

By ensuring our clinician’s needs are met, they always exceed expectations and provide care focused on positive outcomes. Therefore, we implement well-being checks and provide a field care coach to support our clinicians on care sites to ensure they feel valued and guided.

Catalyst Care Group Family of Organisations

LD Network is part of the Catalyst Care Group Family of Organisations chosen by clients and clinicians to transform healthcare for the better.