At LD Network, we provide proactive staffing solutions with teams of dedicated support workers who go above and beyond to improve the lives of individuals with learning disabilities, autism, mental health, and complex care needs. It is with joy that we announce the nomination of one of our support workers, Emmanuel Akpan-Isie, for the ‘Personal Assistant of the Year’ category at the Care & Support West Awards 2023, which will take place on November 3rd.

Emmanuel’s Inspirational Journey

Emmanuel is a dedicated support worker, and his journey to the nomination is inspirational. He faced a significant personal challenge when he experienced kidney failure and temporarily relied on a wheelchair. However, he channelled his experience into a remarkable mission instead of allowing this challenge to define him. Emmanuel’s driving force is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by helping them regain their independence.

Through overcoming challenges, Emmanuel found a way to connect with the people he supports, offering hope and encouragement: “From past experience, I got to a stage where I couldn’t move again, I couldn’t do it, and most of the people I support are in that stage. And then I tell them a little bit of my story and say, ”Yes, you can do it one day on your own. One day, you will do better than what you are doing now. But first, you have to take a step yourself.” says Emmanuel.

A Champion of Positivity and Dedication

What sets Emmanuel apart is his spirit and commitment. His positivity brightens the lives of others, and his commitment to caregiving is evident in his dedication to the well-being of the individuals he supports.

Emmanuel is a support system for a family experiencing challenging times and has demonstrated exceptional care for their son. This young man experienced multiple relocations over the past two years due to local authorities being unable to meet his complex needs. Emmanuel has been there every step of the way, providing stability, continuity, and consistency in the young man’s life while patiently awaiting suitable housing. Emmanuel’s care offers proactive support, companionship, and commitment to improving well-being.

To learn more about Emmanuel and our other extraordinary support workers, follow the upcoming Care & Support West Awards 2023. Emmanuel’s nomination for ‘Personal Assistant of the Year’ emphasises the commitment and excellence that LD Network represents. We feel privileged to work with him and can’t praise his contributions to LD Network enough.

The Annual Care and Support West Care Awards recognise the hard work and dedication of care professionals in the Southwest of the UK. This celebration extends to Bristol, Bath, Northeast Somerset, South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset, home to 500 care providers and approximately 19,000 dedicated individuals working within these organisations. The Care & Support West Awards 2023 categories cover a broad spectrum, including recognition for managers, team leaders, front-line workers, and organisations. This year marks the 10th anniversary of these prestigious awards, and we’re proud to be part of this significant milestone.

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