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The Catalyst Care Group 2023 Survey: Share Your Voice and Reshape the Future of Health and Social Care

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The survey was closed on 15.09.2023

Striving to reshape the future of healthcare in the UK, we have created a valuable opportunity for the people receiving care and their families, healthcare professionals, clinicians, and others to share their voice and opinion. This year, Catalyst Care Group conveys a survey that allows sharing your personal views, challenges, and experiences within the healthcare sector. Your feedback will allow us to understand better the current challenges and opportunities in health and social care.

The Catalyst Care Group 2023 survey allows people and families, support workers, caregivers, and commissioners to share their personal insights about the healthcare sector.

By sharing your experiences, you contribute directly to reshaping the boundaries of health and social care, creating a brighter future for all.

We Value Your Voice

At Catalyst Care Group, every voice matters.

We are conducting the survey to better understand the needs of the people we support, their families, our support workers and employees. And to better understand the current challenges in the healthcare sector so that we can improve our services and enhance your overall experience.

The Catalyst Care Group Survey 2023 will be used to:

· Create a wider context of the current challenges in health and social care
· Share experience and knowledge across the healthcare sector
· Provide information about meeting the needs of people that receive care and their families
· Levelling up knowledge and understanding about meeting the needs of caregivers
· Work in partnership with colleagues and team members in the sector to bring positive changes to the industry
· Track the data regarding delayed hospital discharges

By sharing your honest feedback, you support our mission of transforming the UK care sector and creating a better future for all.

Your participation in the survey will be used to collate a Whitepaper Publication that will contain all the key findings, insights, and possible action steps for future practices. The publication will also include leading experts’ opinions and analyses.

Whitepaper surveys in the care sector serve as a bridge between research and implementing best practices.

Complete the Survey and Create a Lasting Impact

The survey is easy to fill out and will take only 5-10 minutes of your time. You can skip questions you don’t know or don’t want to answer. All answers will remain anonymous and treated with confidentiality. 

You will have the opportunity to share your experience by completing the survey from 31.07.2023 until 15.09.2023. 

By leaving your e-mail address, you will receive a link to download the Whitepaper Publication once it is available. 

Together, We Can Make the Change We Want to See in Healthcare

We appreciate your time and dedication to sharing your experience through this survey. Even small actions can significantly impact when we come together with a shared goal. By being proactive and compassionate, we can make a positive difference in health and social care and create a healthier and more inclusive world for everyone.

Together, we can help transform care for the better, making an impact on the entire community!

Thank you for your support and continuous commitment!