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Common Support Worker Interview Questions

Working in the support sector can be very challenging but massively rewarding too. If you are looking to progress your career as a Support Worker or are considering embarking on a new career, this list of common Support Worker interview questions should help you to prepare:

What do you consider to be the main responsibilities of a Support Worker?

The interviewer will firstly want to establish how much you understand the role of a Support Worker and what the daily tasks involve, to ensure that you are applying for the role with the full knowledge of what would be expected if you were offered the job. The job description that they have used in the advertisement should cover most of the main responsibilities but adding your own research to answer the question will show you have gone to further lengths to understand the role. They are also looking for someone who has a passion to help others – enabling the people being supported to live as independently as possible and as full a life as possible.

What can you bring to our company as a Support Worker?

With this question, the interviewer is giving you the opportunity to sell yourself and explain what you can bring to the role that others might not be able to. This should include relevant skills, experience and even your motivation and eagerness for doing the job. Even if you do not have experience as a Support Worker, the employer will be looking for someone who genuinely cares about making a difference to the lives of others and has the willingness to learn and to develop into a great Support Worker.

If you do have experience in a Support Worker role, you should try to demonstrate everything that you learned in other roles and explain what your main responsibilities were. Remember to include any achievements, such as getting positive feedback. If you do not have experience, try to show that you have passion and experience that will help you to perform the tasks listed in the job description.

How would you assess a person’s support needs?

In the role of Support Worker, getting the balance right between providing assistance and enabling independence is key. When the interviewer asks this question, they will want to know what your thought process is when you are assessing how to best support each person. They want to see that you will follow care plans and risk assessments and that you will place the individual needs of each person you are supporting at the centre of the care and support you provide.

Can you describe a situation that was challenging that you were able to overcome and how you did so?

A common interview questions across all industries is to ask how you would overcome a challenge, preferably in relation to the specific work you would be involved in. Being able to deal with challenging situations shows that you have the ability to handle pressure and make the right decisions when presented with problems.

These are some of the most common Support Worker interview questions you are likely to be asked in a job interview, so you should prepare for answering these questions, although they may ask the Support Worker questions in a slightly different way to this. Make sure you that you do some research about the employer, so you can show that you are keen to work for them.

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