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Ash's Story

Ash is Catalyst Care Group’s Transforming Care Director and here she discusses her role and how our core values drive everything we do.
“The world is your oyster. We plan to transform the sector and we’d love innovative and agile people to join our mission, to realise this vision.”
Why did you choose to pursue a career with LD Network? I chose to pursue a career with LD Network because the company culture spoke to my personal values. Its three core values are Family, Honesty and Quality and these are evident in the work we do, not only across the learning disability and mental health sector, but within our internal teams and especially when it comes to our nurses and support workers. The ethos around love and kindness, and recognising humanity in everyday situations, is what drives us forward in impacting change. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of The LD Network Family. What does your role entail? I’ve worked across most of the departments within the Catalyst Care Group, but my current role is around connecting our ‘why’ within the sector and being part of the movement to transform health and social care. I speak to our clients, whom range from small care providers to larger groups, from commissioners to other multi-disciplinary professionals within our networks, and attend conferences to ensure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to sector-specific updates and knowledge. This in turn, ensures we are always aligned with best practice. I also support internal office teams, and of course, our clinicians – without whom we would not be able to make impact we are, every single day. How has LD Network helped you progress? I first joined Nurseline Healthcare as a Learning Disability Nurse and was given the opportunity to grow and spread my wings into a leadership role. My past experience had been in clinical roles, but the Catalyst Care Group has given me the opportunity to realise that working at this level, the impact someone can make could be so much wider – not just for the individuals we support, but for our office teams too.
My ambition would be that we are recognised as a group of people who managed to turn the health and social care system around, by bringing humanity back into care.
What are the opportunities to develop and progress at LD Network? LD Network gives every single person the same opportunities when they walk through the doors. This is an innovative company, and the onus is on people as individuals to bring their skills, their culture, their values – and their commitment to be catalysts for others. The Catalyst Care Group is an ecosystem of companies and departments, where people can start and progress their careers. I started off working with Nurseline Healthcare on the reception desk, to support the team for a few weeks, followed by working in the Service Partnership Team, Registrations and Compliance, and finally within our client-facing team. The world is your oyster – we plan to transform the sector, and we’d love innovative and agile people to join our mission, to realise the vision.

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What motivates you?

Seeing the impact we make on a daily basis – from ensuring a clinician has work and can provide for their families, to the positive work we are doing to change lives in the learning disability, mental health and autism sectors. I also love watching people grow into their roles and start to piece together the magnitude of what we are aiming to achieve, connecting their own personal ‘why’ to something bigger than all of us.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

It’s definitely the people I work with, we are one family. Over the years we have seen each other through good times, and tough times. LD Network has a way of giving you autonomy and work/life harmony. It’s been an incredible journey so far. It’s about ‘doing life together’ and serving others in the process.

We are a really friendly bunch, embracing diversity and person-centredness. This comes through in everyday conversation.

What’s your ambition?

I don’t see myself leaving the Catalyst Care Group. My ambition would be to look back in 10 years and see the impact we’ve made. As you progress through this organisation, you realise that in terms of ambitions, titles don’t matter – it’s about how much positive change you can make on others. My ambition would be that we are recognised as a group of people who managed to turn the health and social care system around, by bringing humanity back into care.

What’s the greatest achievement (in your role) to date?

When I joined the company, we were known for being mental health specialists under the Nurseline Healthcare banner. Since joining in 2016, we’ve not only set up LD Network as a specialist staffing provider, but also a

Transitioning Support Programme (TSP) and CQC registered arms called Leaf Complex Care, Nurseline Community Services and Unique Community Services. We shifted our focus to an area that desperately needed expertise, and to watch the group of companies grow is incredible. This started as an idea – and now we are tangibly transforming lives.

What are the social benefits of working for the Nurseline Healthcare?

We are a really friendly bunch, and our teams are understanding or every single person’s situation. We embrace diversity and person-centredness, and this comes through in everyday conversations. We have team get togethers, attend conference dinners, and hold an annual summer party as well as our prestigious Awards Ceremony (for both internal and external Family members).

We are one force, pushing for positive change across society. What’s not to love?

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